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Dr. Tej Tadi

CEO, MindMaze

Dr. Tej Tadi is an engineer and cognitive neuroscientist who studied at the EPFL. He has filed several patents and his research has been published in the journal Science. The World Economic Forum selected him as a Young Global Leader in 2015 and he is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. He was awarded the Swiss Entrepreneur of the Year prize in 2016. He has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, TechCrunch and Wired. MindMaze is a global neurotechnology company building the ability to decode the brain. The technology is based on a decade of rigorous work at the intersection of neuroscience, mixed reality and AI. MindMaze Healthcare, the company’s healthcare division, is looking to transform the field of neurology and improve patient outcomes through its pioneering digital neurotherapeutics and universal platform for brain health. MindMaze Labs, the company’s R&D center, aims to optimize human performance across a range of industries, such as motorsport and aviation, through the application of advanced neurotechnology.

03 October 2023

16:55 17:15 o'clock